The Proof Is In The Pudding   

 In This Case, in the Cannabis Buds 

Magic Flower Bud Finisher instantly begins cannabis ripening on contact. Once sprayed, the trichomes (crystals) on cannabis buds start ripening and become fully ripe within hours. Trichome ripening occurs even if the plant is harvested immediately after spraying, but for peak absorption and best results we recommend waiting until the end of the next dark cycle before harvesting.  You’ll also get the best results if you spray with a light mist rather than a hard stream.


The trichome ripening can be viewed and tracked with a simple 60-100x handheld microscope. Once sprayed, the trichomes will get increasingly cloudy and milky and start to turn amber. For greater or quicker ripening, simply reapply a light spray of Bud Finisher. It is a ripening agent and the more you use it, the more ripening will occur.


We have tested Magic Flower Bud Finisher frequently since its invention in 2014.


Below are explanations and links to representative examples of our test results -- microscope slides, lab reports and independent tests that compare sprayed buds and unsprayed buds taken from comparable locations on the same cannabis plants at the same time.


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