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Start with one gallon of water.  Add the contents of both packets of Magic Flower and shake well.  Strain this mixture through a tea strainer or similar tool when pouring into a spray bottle.  Shake before and periodically while using.  Keep unused mixture refrigerated, 35-40 degrees.


For Pest Control – All Plants: Spray directly onto living plants, a little more under leaves than over them, until the solution drips off.  Apply every 1-7 days as needed.  One gallon covers 100 square feet.  For use on all plants at all stages of growth – except cannabis, which shouldn’t be sprayed during flowering until you are ready to ripen your crop for harvest.


For Ripening – Cannabis:  Magic Flower is a ripening agent.  The more that is sprayed, the greater the amount of ripening that will occur.  A spray of approximately one second duration will convert clear trichomes to a cloudy state.  Four sprays, each of one second, will cause trichomes to become amber and can decarboxylate the THC in the trichomes into d9-THC.  Magic Flower accelerates cannabis ripening and may aid in boosting d9-THC in raw cannabis buds.*  Harvesting can occur at any time desired ripeness has been met.

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*Tests by Magic Flower LLC and independent growers and labs indicate that treating cannabis buds with Magic Flower may either help increase their total THC levels or induce conversion of THCA to d9-THC, which can result in variable total THC levels.  Magic Flower LLC does not warrant or represent that THC levels will always increase.

Because of its all food-grade ingredients, Magic Flower is exempt from registration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under FIFRA section 25(b) requirements.


US Patent 10,463,050

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