A Cannabis-Grower's Dream

Almost instant bud-ripening effect cuts production time by 20-25%

A one-second spray on your full-grown bud converts trichomes from clear to cloudy (four one-second sprays will ripen trichomes to a desired amber condition)

Control the degree of trichome-ripening – cloudy or amber, your choice!

Kill pests without reducing plant vigor and growth - including those most damaging to cannabis (mites and molds/mildews)

May aid in boosting THC*

Brain Storming on Paper

*Tests by Magic Flower LLC and by independent growers and labs indicate that treating cannabis buds with Magic Flower may either help increase their total THC levels or induce conversion of THCA to d9-THC, which can result in variable total THC levels.  Magic Flower LLC does not warrant or represent that THC levels will always increase.


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“Buds finish when you tell them to!”

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