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Magic Flower

The inventor of Magic Flower is an experienced gardener and herbalist.  For years, Jo has grown organic fruits, vegetables 
and medicinal cannabis.


Despite his best efforts, Jo’s gardens experienced pest problems at times, and in 2014 a spider mite infestation destroyed nearly all of a cannabis crop intended for a group of patients.  Tired of losing the “battle of the bugs,” Jo resolved to experiment until he found a cure for spider mites that was both natural and effective.


Recalling that many commonly used spices have pesticide effects, he set to work.  He tinkered and experimented with various recipes over a period of months, adding new spices and altering ingredient ratios.  After extensive trial and error, he finally had it: a mixture that not only wiped out spider mites -- but also got rid of powdery mildew, molds, scale, thrips and other soft-bodied insects.


More experiments followed.  It turned out that Jo’s mixture repelled Japanese beetles, fleas, mosquitos and ticks.  Even better – it attracted friendly pollinators and pest-eaters like ladybugs.


He called it “Magic Flower,” and began using it routinely in all his gardening.  He noticed that his plants were hardier than ever and remained pest-free.  After more experimenting, he discovered that using Magic Flower on plants with a pre-existing pest problem not only cured the pest issue but did so without slowing plant growth.  Magic!


But there’s more.


One day he was working with cannabis plants whose buds were full-grown but not yet mature.  Knowing that Magic Flower could prevent any mold and powdery mildew, he gave the buds a quick spray.  This produced the next magical discovery – the sprayed buds matured almost instantly: their trichomes turned from white to cloudy or amber.


The Magic Flower mixture turned out to be a ripening agent as well as a highly effective, food-grade pesticide!


And there was one more discovery to be made.


As he developed Magic Flower for other gardeners, he and others conducted tests -- to scientifically analyze and compare buds that had been sprayed with those that hadn’t.  Formal tests conducted separately by The Soil King Garden Center of Cloverdale, California, and by Jo’s brand new company, Magic Flower LLC, gauged the effects on sprayed vs. non-sprayed plants.  The formal, third party testing found that cannabis buds sprayed with Magic Flower can measure significantly higher levels of THC.  The research also documented that Magic Flower almost instantly ripens cannabis buds, greatly reducing the amount of time, labor and other resources required to produce a mature crop.


Well then!


Incidentally, Magic Flower can even be used in the kitchen.  It turns out that Jo’s “gardening discovery” gives a subtle Mid-Eastern flavor to foods.  The mixture consists solely of food-grade ingredients and makes a pretty darn good salad dressing and marinade for meats.  Who knew?  (Answer: Jo knew.)

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