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Magic Flower LLC resulted from a unique friendship between two very different kinds of men – Jo Hoeflich of Maine, and Tom Daubert of Pennsylvania.  Hoeflich is an herbalist, a chef, a gardener, a writer and a practitioner of shamanistic approaches to living.  Daubert began his career as an environmental activist and spent decades working as a professional lobbyist and strategic communications consultant for various causes throughout the western U.S.

They both lived in Montana when they met years ago.  At the time, Hoeflich – who was a grower of high-quality cannabis for state-legal patients – emailed Daubert with questions about the state’s medical cannabis law.  Daubert had helped write the law, ran the ballot issue campaign for it, and was director of Patients & Families United, a medical marijuana citizen lobbying group he had founded toward the goal of improving the policy to make it more workable for patients and law enforcement.

The two men didn’t meet in person until several years later, when Hoeflich came to Helena to help Daubert lobby against a bill that would have repealed the state’s medical cannabis law entirely.  On March 14, 2011, they were watching the Senate Judiciary Committee kill the repeal bill when it became known that at that very moment DEA, FBI and other agencies were raiding 26 state-legal marijuana operations in Montana, one of which Daubert had previously managed.

That day began Daubert’s legal problems, and Hoeflich, who had long used various shamanistic practices in his life, felt that Spirit had directed his presence in Helena at that moment for an important reason.  Within hours he began offering invaluable meditative advice that helped Daubert survive the ensuing ordeal.  Initially, the federal government planned to charge him with offenses that collectively carried a mandatory minimum sentence of 93 years in prison.  A year later, he pleaded guilty to an offense that carried a maximum sentence of 20 years.  At his sentencing hearing, the US Attorney argued for 6-8 years, but the judge instead gave him probation for five years, and later terminated it at the half-way point.

In the meantime, Hoeflich moved to Maine, where he had grown up, and became a legal medical cannabis grower there.  You can read about how he invented the Magic Flower Bud Finisher here. History

As his probation ended, Daubert moved back to his native Philadelphia to be of better help to his aging parents.  The two men kept in touch, and when Hoeflich was starting to form Magic Flower LLC he invited Daubert to join him as a partner.

Daubert is featured in an award-winning documentary film by Racing Horse Productions, Code of the West, here which tells the story of the medical cannabis controversies in Montana.

Hoeflich is the author of Larix the Larch Tree, a children’s book illustrated by Stephanie Campbell.

Magic Flower LLC is a registered corporation in Maine, with operations headquartered in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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