Magic Flower

To Use: Add all ingredients to a gallon of water. Shake well.  Pour through fine mesh strainer. Spray directly on plants over and under leaves until it drips.  Apply every 1-7 days as preferred. Refrigerate unused portion. 1 gallon covers 100-200 sq ft

Buds finish when you tell them to!

3. Attract pollinators and beneficial insects! Ladybug friendly!  

2. Strengthening trichomes and terpenes ​locks in their essence and preserves it longer!

1. Finish your Buds!  As soon as they bud as much as they can, why wait up to 3-4+ more weeks to harvest?You can have them done and ready in as quick as 4 days!

Uses for Magic Flower

Magic Flower Bud Finisher

Safe for use on all plants

during all stages of growth

from seedling to finish.

4. Time harvests!  Multiple strains all come out at the same time and flowers on lower branches mature with the tops!