Spices have long been used for their healing and medicinal properties. Peppermint to breathe easy, ginger ale to boost immunities - we use spices all the time for our good health.

It makes sense that spices can be a powerful
health benefit to our gardens and landscapes.

Magic Flower brings that benefit to reality. This proprietary mix of whole earth organic spices creates a synergy of protection and healing.

"The Magic is in the Spice"

"Now that's the Magic of Spices!"

Magic Flower

Magic Flower Bud Finisher

Magic Flower spices are selected for their properties as trichome strengtheners, which are the plants natural defense systems, and for immune boosting to invigorate plant health. 

The challenge with insecticides and fungicides is that they wipe out beneficial bacteria in the plant's micro-ecosystem. Magic Flower employs an immune boosting formula that enhances plant vigor so it can replenish its useful biology, giving it further resistance to infection.  You can expect to go longer and longer between treatments as the plant regenerates its natural ability for self protection.