2. Prevent Mold!  Wipes out powdery mildew on contact and creates an effective barrier against mold for 7-14 days!

Uses for Magic Flower

How to Use - powdery mildew cure, spider mite cure, organic raw vegan

1. Finish your Buds!  As soon as they bud as much  as they can, why wait up to 3-4+ more weeks to harvest?  You can have them done and ready in as quick as 4 days!

Buds finish when you tell them to!

Magic Flower

3. Prevent Bugs!   Wipes out thrips, spider mites, aphids, whitefly, gnats & other soft bodied insects and prevents their return for 7-14 days!  Ladybug friendly. 

To Use: Add all ingredients to a gallon of water. Shake well.  Apply directly to plants over and under.  Spray every 1-7 days as preferred. Refrigerate unused portion. 1 gallon covers 10-20 sq ft

Safe to use on all plants during all stages of growth

from seedling to finish.

Yields increase by up to 25%